How Google became the number 1 technology company


It is very foolish to think that an internet user has never heard of Google. Usually, when we need something on the internet, we immediately search Google to get it. Then choose your desired result from many results. Currently, Google is the most powerful search engine in the world.

US multinational Internet and software company Google Inc.Google is best known for developing and hosting search engines, online advertising services, and products. Google’s mission is to organize all the world’s information and make it accessible to all.

Let’s know Why Apple’s iPhone is so popular before reading about How Google became the number 1 technology company in the world.

What is Google?

We know Google is a search engine. Where you enter a question and enter the information you need. Google is again called an information store. Because Google has nothing or a thing that is not available. All kinds of information can be found on Google.

Google has millions of products or programs. They act as programs. Google products are Google Map, Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Store, and many more products.

Google is the number 1 technology company in the world

  • Google is the most visited website in the world, which means that most internet users have visited this website at least once.
  • Google returns an average of 40,000 search results per second—that’s three and a half billion searches per day (Forbes estimates).
  • Google could process 3-5 pages per second. But currently, this search engine can process millions of pages in seconds.
  • Google used only 5 GB of storage at the beginning of its establishment. And now its index has more than 1 million GB of data. If someone wants to submit all this information to Google personally, then he will need one lakh hard drive of one terabyte size.
  • At one point Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to sell Google. Yahoo then refused to buy it. When Yahoo wanted to buy Google for $ 1 billion in 2002, Google did not agree. Currently, Google is worth $ 1 billion.
  • 1 million computers are used every day in the wake of 1 billion search searches for Google search engine operating. Google searches more than 2 million per second.
  • Google’s video service is watched more than 10 million hours a month on YouTube. That’s what every human being in the world is like watching videos for an hour a month.
  • When Google is searched to find out something, we see the results very quickly. But the funny thing is, Google considers about 20 things before displaying this result and then shows it in front of us!
  • You can set a timer and alarm with it on Google. For this, write the Timer in Google search and write any minute before that. The timer will start.
  • Google Translate can translate various languages of the world. However, it also has a ‘manual’ issue. For example, through Google, you can translate a Chinese language mark. Google’s input tool can be input in 5 different languages.


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